AnXplorer is a leading circuit optimization technology which specifically addresses Analog optimization and RF synthesis. AnXplorer is a 3rd Generation technology with a mature, intuitive algorithmic approach to improve analog and RF circuit design processes.

AnXplorer supports Schematic level entry for Analog & RF circuits while the optimization reduces the risk of an unexpected silicon rework. As the cost of AMS designs are escalating due to lack of automation, AnXplorer has a robust, optimized design database to analyze trade-offs eliminating manual, error prone processes. AnXplorer is integrated with Cadence, Mentor and Synopsys Analog design tools. AnXplorer's optimization algorithms can reduce the total cost per design by $5M for some cases by eliminating manual optimization process while simultaneously enhancing product quality and long term reliability of a system. The circuits are optimized over process and user defined parameters to maximize the design efficiencies.

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